Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy New Year! Here Comes 2019!!!

Believe it or not, this lamb was 2 days old...  That poor Mama!
Happy New Year!!!  2018 is a thing of the past and 2019 is sure to be brighter!  As we take the time to reflect on the past year, we must remember the good, along with the bad.  I have to say, good and bad, I’m ready for the new year!  How about everyone else?  Are we all happy to ring in the new year and leave 2018 behind?
           It was a year full of revelations, struggles, and triumphs.  I was diagnosed with MS but decided to go back to school to be a psychiatrist anyway.  My legs started to make it extremely difficult to walk but I managed to complete my first semester with a 4.0 GPA despite that.  When life throws boulders at you, you dodge what you can, take a few hits, and recover.
My first pint in the UK.  No, I'm not drunk! 
The photo was just brilliantly timed. 
          The last few days have been particularly difficult.  My muscles have felt like they were on fire and my legs have decided to give out multiple times for no reason.  Just to add a new dynamic to the whole situation, the muscle spasms started in my abdomen.  For those who are lucky enough to never feel this, imagine the scene in an alien movie where something is crawling around in the poor human ready to burst its way out.  Yes, everything stayed in place but, boy, there were a few times I wasn’t so sure it would.
            Despite all this, I like to reflect on the good.  I have an amazing family who is always there for me.  I have friends that are there to celebrate the good days and let me vent on the bad days.  There are times I have questioned my faith but, in the end, I know God is there through it all.  He never gives us more than we can handle; though, it might feel that way at times. 

           So, as we bring in the new year, just know 2019 is bound to hold amazing things ahead.  Happy New Years, Everyone!!!

A great family photo from a few years ago!

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