Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Realizations and an Amazing Dinner

              In the midst of trial and tribulation, you truly learn who you can rely on.  There are the friends you always figure will stick by you no matter what but, when the chips fall, they disappear.  There are the friends you never thought would stay around and you are right.  Then there are the friends that stick by you through everything.  The good, the bad, and everything in between.  The friend who hears you took a tumble and writes you at 2am to make sure you are ok and haven’t lost faith.  Those are the friends you cherish because you can always count on them.
              Even family is unpredictable in these situations.  My immediate family is amazing and willing to do anything to help me through this.  I have two brothers who are always ready to jump in and cover for me if I can’t quite do something.  A Dada who would do anything to make sure I have what I need.  That includes confronting doctors who think I am “young and just looking for attention”.  Because numb extremities, twitching muscles, and burning sensations are the way I‘d choose to go for that…  A Mama who understands better than anyone what I am going through and is always ready to be a shoulder to cry on when the tears just won’t stay at bay.  Plus, because she has struggled with many of the same issues, she is a wealth of knowledge for dealing with it all.  Extended family, however, is less reliable and more cynical.
              I’m lucky to have such a support system and thank God every day for that.  I know, no matter what the future holds, I’m not alone.  That makes a world of difference and is a huge comfort.
Our setup so Mama can cook the crepes!
Regular stovetops aren't conducive to wheelchair users.
Besides, I had all the burners busy. :)
            Now, onto a lighter topic.  Tonight, we made a fantastic dinner.   Sweet and savory crepes.  For the savory, Chicken w/ Bacon filling for the guys and Spinach Ricotta Filling for Mama and I (we are both pescatarians for health reasons).  The sweet consisted of Ricotta Cream Cheese filling with a fresh Blueberry Compote over the top.  I made the fillings and topping with some help from my youngest brother on the chicken since I couldn’t taste it to flavor it.  My mama made the crepes using a recipe I have known my whole life.  It was a family effort that turned into a fantastic dinner!  Definitely worth the effort. 

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