Friday, January 25, 2019

The Start of the Spring Semester and Exciting News!!!

Yes, I was accepted!
Campus Photos
              The school semester has officially started!  Psychology, History, Math, and English (13 credit hours) makes for a busy semester.  I liked all of my teachers too which should make class fun.  My least favorite class is always math, but I have an excellent teacher which makes it easier.  My English teacher was a favorite of my brother’s when he went through her class so I’m in good hands.  The history teacher was passionate about her subject so she was engaging to listen to.  My psych class seems like it will be enjoyable and the teacher was sweet.

On to the exciting news of the week! I’ve officially been accepted to the University of Northern Colorado!!!  I’ll be starting this summer as soon as the current semester at the community college is finished.  One step closer to medical school!  I’ve already accepted, filed for FAFSA, signed up for scholarships, and am talking with my counselor about housing!  The sooner everything is straightened out and set, the better.

            We decided on UNC because of the environment.  It is so calm for a campus.  The students are all super friendly.  The staff very helpful.  It was a comfortable environment, which is very important considering I’ll be there for the next eight years.  I’ll even get my Physical Therapy covered through the school which is a blessing. I can’t wait to get up there!

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