Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Revelations about College

              Oh, the joys of math class….  Definitely my least favorite class of the whole lineup.  I like my teacher, which helps, but math is still math.  The rest of the semester is going great!  We are currently studying the Paleo-era in History, birth in Psychology, and rhetorical writing in English.  All interesting and accompanied by tons of homework. 😊  Oh well, that is just life for the next 8 years.  To be honest, I’ve enjoyed going back to school. 

              One of the challenges, however, has been getting around in the wheelchair.  I managed to get all my textbooks as eBooks so I don’t have to carry them in the school.  This makes the backpack on my lap dmuch lighter.  I make sure to get to class early so I can move a chair to make room and get set without displacing someone in the process. Although, I can’t complain about any of my classmates.  They have all been very nice and, often, if they see me struggling, are happy to help.   

It has surprised me to see as many other people my age in wheelchairs.  I’ve talked with a few and have found the causes are everything from stray shrapnel in the line of duty to random freak accidents.  It’s a little sobering.  It’s been a tough adjustment, but I have hope that they will get me walking again.  Most of these people don’t have that hope but are still making the best of their situations and keeping looking forward with a smile, no matter the frustration they are sure to encounter. 

My mom has always said there are three reactions people have around the wheelchair.  You have the people who have no idea how to react and try to avoid eye contact.  This isn’t because they think less of you.  They are just uneducated on how to handle it.  Then there are the people who are just irritated you are there.  This can be for a multitude of reasons.  You are taking up more space than they deem necessary or you are moving slower than normal to maneuver around an object they can easily walk around, or they just think you will be inconvenient, so they act that way even before they have met you.  Their reasoning goes on…  Then there are the people who act normal and want to help.  Either they have relatives that are in similar situations, or they are just good-hearted and want to be friendly.  The more you are around people, the more this becomes the truth.  I always believed her but, in order to truly understand, you have to experience it.  

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